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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,910 – Nov 9 2022 Crossword Answers

The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,910 – Nov 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A heavenly body appearing in religious texts AVESTA
A previous entertainer PERFORMER
Bit of a sweat that has adult laid up? BEAD
Condemn old partner __ gosh, a Greek troublemaker! EXCORIATE
Country game’s moment finishing early RUSTIC
Daughter tucked into cheese, as one at reception? BRIDE
Declaim nothing when meeting judge ORATE
Garden site befouled with stains DENIGRATES
Honoured member of Pride is meeting journalist LIONISED
It’s fortified wine that’s good for Parisian to drink BASTION
Old fellow left-winger is protected COVERED
Old lingo from girl mad women led astray MIDDLELOWGERMAN
One has two hands raised CLOCKTOWER
One in a boat __ gentleman given cheer standing up HARRIS
One studying a bit of poetry will talk CONVERSE
Plant releases indelicate aroma to start with FREESIA
Points one put to newspaper union leader FOCI
Shock when publicity ploy falls short STUN
Show indigenous people, not the first or last, returning EVITA
Some parties win ground __ as result of this in elections SWING
Songstress is penetrating SPEARS
Support mum during visit MAINSTAY
Supposed creative force that could make a lad mostly violent, loveless ELANVITAL
The excuse when ambassador is let off crime TREASON
This youngster getting left could make awful noise BABE
Was model with half a thought about advancement made fun of? SATIRISED
What could be shot in Ambridge? GAMEBIRD
What’s unfortunately upset crew __ the alien reptile? SALAMANDER
With which we shall have a measure of heat shown on a page? WEATHERMAP


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