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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28443 November 9 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28443

Clues Answers
All off, presumably, to see old president NIXON
Are becoming bothered primarily by police’s image BEFIT
Backing an opponent of violence, mostly with King in spirit VODKA
Correct English book, appreciated all round DEBUG
Country fellow with stories to tell GUYANA
Disapprove of having very brief word with Yankee? Tough! bovver boy
Don to assess student teacher’s finals with that try on
English castle with a Lord’s single key ARUNDEL
Excursion with host to see body of church sally army
Film made with fourth edition of dictionary coming up? VIDEO
Hang out tops to dry, with exotic lacy lingerie DWELL
Harmful refusal by native Americans to swap tips NOXIOUS
Having finished twice, given a tip UPENDED
He painted large bat on house HOLBEIN
Here on-line courses, Polish and so on, are cut buffet car
Clues Answers
Historic work coming in awfully handy: not a poem anthony adverse
Jack has got everyone’s deliveries wrong no-balls
Lexicographer, originally from OU, dispatched entire contents of Chambers? ROOMFUL
Old taxman visiting Amsterdam at the weekend MATTHEW
Party chief’s territory DOMAIN
Pressure unduly apparent — a mark of democracy? OVERTAX
Queen to take off in pursuit of rear admiral? BUTTERFLY
Record of Turkish governor visiting in foreign lands abbey road
Reporting by journalists of cause of sailing incident in bay? COVERAGE
Ruin suit do for
Side with monarch and Scottish banker providing support headstay
Twig I replanted to make things even get ones own back
Volatile situation in Brixton unfolding, journalist recalled TINDERBOX
Winger is kid on edge CHAFFINCH
Would you mind the setter maybe using Latin? cave canem


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