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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,505 – Mar 31 2023 Crossword

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As alumni of the same school, a CV link shared by Churchill and Nehru OLDHARROVIAN
As in a concert (anag) __ from the other side of the pond? TRANSOCEANIC
Chinese fruit with a thin rough skin and sweet white flesh LITCHI
Corruption DECADENCE
Countryside RURAL
Cumbrian city CARLISLE
Do nothing with one’s thumbs? TWIDDLE
Engender (like fish?) SPAWN
Has a fit of the vapours? SWOONS
Japan’s national legislature DIET
Jumbled mess HASH
Lady who Alfred Tennyson asked to ‘come into the garden’ MAUD
Light fencing sword FOIL
Place of complete bliss and peace? PROMISEDLAND
Plants that complete their life cycles within the space of a year ANNUALS
Pooch fan DOGLOVER
Sponsor PATRON
Switches on a computer __ lingos (anag) LOGSIN
The UK today? MONARCHY
Weather (forecast) feature COLDFRONT


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