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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Guardian Quick Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

One of only two in the Church of England 10 letters ARCHBISHOP
Hawaiian capital 8 letters HONOLULU
Deep wide chasm 4 letters GULF
Dart (by moonlight?) 4 letters FLIT
Radio show where listeners can participate 7 letters PHONEIN
Swimming stroke — add old Peggy (anag) 11 letters
Rips etc (anag) 7 letters TRICEPS
Flushed 4 letters ROSY
Soothing ointment 4 letters BALM
Message sent by wire and delivered in written form 8 letters TELEGRAM
US president 10 letters WASHINGTON
Distant 5 letters ALOOF
Oversweet 7 letters CLOYING
Pornographic 4 letters BLUE
Left-handed baseball pitcher 8 letters SOUTHPAW
Musical instrument — argon (anag) 5 letters ORGAN
Flush with water 6 letters SLUICE
Covering for one of two lookers? 8 letters EYEPATCH
North-east English county 6 letters DURHAM
Prolonged shortage 7 letters DROUGHT
Butterfly with orange and brown wings 5 letters COMMA
Feel great desire (for) 5 letters YEARN
Scheme 4 letters PLAN

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