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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Arsonist in boat? 7 letters LIGHTER
Sadly one may be in its depths 7 letters DESPAIR
Mark firm losing half of capital 5 letters COLON
Exam is a sort of joke 9 letters PRACTICAL
Two men in a boat working: one was a guitarist 14 letters
Corny stuff for listeners 4 letters EARS
A local perch? 8 letters BARSTOOL
Consciously old-fashioned suitable to modernise later 8 letters RETROFIT
Said to employ females 4 letters EWES
School flag: red green and blue say 14 letters
Survive without food broad­casting in real time 9 letters LIVEONAIR
For the occasion speaker’s to take more white wine 5 letters ADHOC
Ways one may be so far ahead? 7 letters STREETS
Pot shot taken wildly in a potentially dangerous area 7 letters HOTSPOT
Contributor to second row that’s in a canal 4 letters LOCK
Jason’s dog? 15 letters
Drive to spear fish in part of the Arctic 6 letters TUNDRA
Repair broken sword 6 letters RAPIER
Secure a point on the road to leave others behind 8 letters DRAWAWAY
At the weekend I get up burlesque 8 letters SATIRISE
Past caring for religion? 15 letters
Implacable passed on loan with deductions 10 letters RELENTLESS
To replace relic snoop in cemetery 10 letters NECROPOLIS
Come across a drunkard upside down and unconscious 8 letters COMATOSE
In pond leaves large mixed display 8 letters LILYPADS
Not placed in a quarter? 6 letters FOURTH
What Humphrey hung in the loo? 6 letters BOGART
Highlander perhaps heading away from the racecourse 4 letters SCOT

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