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The Independent Crossword Answers November 06, 2022


Gere gets wild with horny beast GREYHERON
Conservative whip in conflict CLASH
Naked folk tarts in US massaged NATURISTS
How I get milk’s not appropriate INAPT
Arse stealing Queen track TRAIL
Diamonds left with that girl from Bow for a European ICELANDER
State censor imprisoned by Trotsky? LEBANON
Complaint tabloid had time to overturn TETANUS
A southern pro with E is a goddess! ASTARTE
Bloody chap’s a cad! BLEEDER
Black and blue tubes in weapons BLOWPIPES
Steal money off of popular singer ROBIN
Passage I’ll read out loud AISLE
Wise snips tidied up tree SWISSPINE
Content being tipsy HAPPY
Cleaner put off dope by tenor DETERGENT


Giant ale I ordered for privates GENITALIA
Topless relations briefly corner actor? EXTRA
Uncompromising MP is up for it on bit of coke, right? HARDLINER
Former PM initially suppressed one article for Lubov Chernukhin? RUSSIAN
Prince Andrew’s defence? Nothing to it! NOSWEAT
Hot to tuck into tea or Bud CHINA
A group joke duke is out of control ABANDONED
One apt to troll milliner half-heartedly HATER
Bum drink for your health! BOTTOMSUP
Hero tries to break ideas man THEORISER
Most odd gent going out with stars STRANGEST
Old model daughter gets naked EXPOSED
Muso bishop associates with Help! BASSIST
Brazen Republican divides party BRASH
Shame about English godliness PIETY
Boring earl hugged by huge European BEIGE


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