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The Independent Crossword Answers November 05, 2022


Force special lock STRESS
Surely being led astray must have fines halved? OFCOURSE
It’s unfortunate only the last of fliers is accepted, in truth ADVERSITY
Dragoons describing Rob Roy and An Elegy to listeners? SCOTS
One takes walk around Italian city TURIN
Scanty pants? Predictable response in rule-following order SYNTACTIC
Broadcast NHS open secret, do you? THESECONDPERSON
With one off-beam wit in US dividing country, the best possible outcome? WINWINSITUATION
This will be getting nasty with local canvassing SAILCLOTH
In language, e.g. writing in past tense ARGOT
See 11 SCOTS
Anagram letters written like this for solving clique, say? INACIRCLE
Warm beer, this Yorkshire Terrier AIREDALE
Rolling preserves verges of couch grass SNITCH


Why, we hear, divers won’t put into Portsmouth region? Poor areas SHANTYTOWNS
Might you get e.g. Abba B or Leffie to make a copy like this? REVERSEENGINEER
Greene novel in the ascendant it’s plain SERENGETI
KLM captain still not cleared for landing? FLYINGDUTCHMAN
Is about to appear in big adaptation’s opening or musical OSSIA
Enough in snug for whip-round? ROOMTOSWINGACAT
At printer’s, measures editor’s initial written submission EMS
So employee stepping up must grow a pair? BIGSHOESTOFILL
One seen in the canteen exercising __? CANINETEETH
Person at the top you shouldn’t have to call over issue EMANATION
Made a check of tea-leaves in a box? CASED
OK for head to leave part of India GOA


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