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The Independent Crossword Answers November 04, 2022


Respond nervously regarding carbon fuel RECOIL
Number backing a new shed intermittently ONANDOFF
Dutch defender chasing payment gets subsequent comment FEEDBACK
Reversal of decline in series – here’s the rest SPIDER
Source of flavour in wines – good effect of the sun? TANNING
Recent advances, say, to strike City hard HITECH
Weak start of cheer from party official WHIP
Speak with enough representatives, without question ORATE
What describes making fake hake and cod? FISH
Hellish region giving European a puzzle to solve EREBUS
Singular bravery seeing off a source of affliction SCOURGE
Point to one leg, revealing fetter? PINION
Old military weapon is source of triumph in endless song BALLISTA
Historic speed challenge’s second to produce male pride MACHISMO
Place of a harsh nature to become calm PLACID


Very particular group seen around the French college SELECT
Caught with mouldy biscuit in wintry weather? COLDSNAP
Slippery muddy goal is one letting in United OLEAGINOUS
Stun in topless dress ROCK
Free ticket – Italian dishes? No thanks PASS
Internationally-minded speaker in India is in a spot IDOIST
Old fellow fights in instances of disorderly behaviour OFFENCES
Odd bits of German stories without content from German writer GRASS
Sacred character? Phi he represented with glory HIEROGLYPH
Difficult to accept scripture lessons provided by an old witch HARRIDAN
Ridiculous accommodating British territory in distant California FARCICAL
Sparkling river entering bay BRIGHT
Crazy losing head about one occasion ENTAIL
Ability to detect rumour? Not I NOSE
Disapproving response given to King novel? BOOK


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