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The Independent Crossword Answers November 03, 2022


New cold Oscar’s caught inducing drowsiness NARCOTIC
Bad atmosphere, one admitted by grandmother? MIASMA
Knock up cocktail of mint and grape juice finally IMPREGNATE
Album for storing useless bits of paper BUMF
Supplier of plugs for computers mindful about date ADWARE
Leaving hostelry, Ginny and Jack doing the twist? GYRATING
What might lead to sin over religious work REVISEDVERSION
Installers of worktops reported dodgy manufacturers COUNTERFEITERS
Skill when pirouetting, and some potential shown by a dancer on screen TRAVOLTA
Same-sex clothing bank for Jazz Age socialite GATSBY
Taxonomic group excluding European bovids GNUS
Underworld figure, essentially, with huge quantity of acid PERSEPHONE
Recipient of the compiler’s work, might one say, in tête-à-tête? SETTEE
One pushing rock song’s intro is getting complaint, but not tons SISYPHUS


Out of hospital, injured soldiers may be so ARMED
Sailors with Aussie PM in vessel in Welsh port once CARNARVON
Leader of Cubs, about to enter game, disheartened Scouts TIGRESS
Official accused on case of egregious adultery at first CHARGEDAFFAIRES
Court’s disputatious figure once dropping ecstasy with mere criminal MCENROE
Area outside of Burundi in mountain range AMBIT
Important order received by troops, as we see it MOMENTOUS
America’s current engineers receiving £10,000 RIOGRANDE
Setters put through tests bound for hard work here SWEATSHOP
Bats sleepily after tail-ender’s dismissed in The Oval ELLIPSE
French painter heading for salon door, maybe INGRESS
Drop in velocity – could that be right? VISIT
Insist on formal address in French language group BANTU


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