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The Independent Crossword Answers November 09, 2022


Shatteringly, throw out legal team caught leaving treats when mingling DEFENESTRATE
Copper, for example, ambles about with tea BASEMETAL
House person in hospital department? ABODE
Helped traveller nearly dozing, wrapping back in corduroy ASYLEE
Harry paused after short while to get computer accessory MOUSEPAD
Clergyman and duke signal fire’s beginning to be put out DEACON
Remove primates from behind rodent enclosure at last SEPARATE
Showing a bit of backbone, vulgar bet revoked after review VERTEBRA
Mature Conservative plugs New York company AGENCY
Killer and I battered Scotsman ORCADIAN
Taiwanese film director right to overwrite final part of Carrie Fisher ANGLER
Nothing worried Scott, at first, being heroic Antarctic explorer OATES
50% of herbal tea includes iodine, carbon, sulphur and a lot of saltwater BALTICSEA
Clean-cut boys jumping around on this? BOUNCYCASTLE


Master fish fingers here? DABHAND
Old-fashioned pigpen at capacity; lives lost FUSTY
Mourn Queen without question, born to be fitting leader NUMBERONE
Short fight in underground home SETT
My upstanding mate is in car accident ROLLOVER
Rows reportedly can lead to these? TEARS
Make accusation obvious, supporting care of millions COMPLAIN
Sell part of bike over the phone PEDDLE
Horror in Boston, perhaps, after rota changed ATROCITY
Again, rent out land in South America ARGENTINA
Food store funds Truss briefly BREADBIN
Syphilis, for example, spread by repeated love over and over, or is it magic? VOODOO
Zounds! Man who was photographer returning in the distance YARDAGE
Music event admits actor? Oddly not DISCO
Record featuring unknown composer LISZT
Beat female amateur FLAY


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