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NetWord Crossword Answers November 07, 2022

Author: by Sally R. Stein


Meat in many omelets HAM
__ vera (natural soother) ALOE
Trips around a running track LAPS
“Humpback” sea mammal WHALE
Washerful of laundry LOAD
Opera solo ARIA
Accountant’s inspection AUDIT
Prefix meaning “against” ANTI
Appear to be SEEM
Theater usher’s illumination FLASHLIGHT
Make simpler EASE
Art drawn on skin TATTOO
Fly high SOAR
Changed the color of DYED
“Blue” award given at county fairs RIBBON
__ yet (so far) ASOF
Part of a molecule ATOM
Walk out the door LEAVE
Island near Oahu MAUI
Highway pathways LANES
“That’s too bad” ALAS
Opening comment, for short INTRO
Sugar cube LUMP
Become liquid MELT
The Sahara, for example DESERT
Tips of slippers TOES
Have on, as clothes WEAR
Pass by, as time ELAPSE
Bounce back, as a sound ECHO
Dining room’s fancy overhead illumination CHANDELIER
Indistinct image BLUR
Weighty book TOME
Roadside eatery DINER
“Upper” or “lower” bed BUNK
Notion IDEA
Nerdy types GEEKS
Goes down, as the sun SETS
Tenth of a dime CENT
Conclude END


Did battle with HADAT
Roster of top celebrities ALIST
Systematic plan METHOD
Jai __ (fast-moving sport) ALAI
Lasting quite a while LONG
Courtroom pledges OATHS
Newsroom executive EDITOR
High-tech illumination for a speaker’s pointer LASERBEAM
Neighborhood AREA
Fruity desserts with a crust PIES
Identical SAME
Be carried in the air, as an aroma WAFT
Luau dance HULA
Faithful LOYAL
Feel under the weather AIL
“And others” abbreviation ETAL
Pastry with a hole DONUT
Bundle of hay BALE
Shaped like a 0 OVAL
Home for baby birds NEST
In the heart of AMID
Sensible SANE
Ins and __ (important details) OUTS
Illumination in the sky on July 4th FIREWORKS
Office note MEMO
Drive too fast SPEED
Rock containing metal ORE
Strategic maneuver TACTIC
Heavy hammer SLEDGE
Providence, __ Island RHODE
Visitor from another planet ALIEN
Longed (for) PINED
Play hide-and-__ SEEK
Makes a mistake ERRS
Recedes, as the tide EBBS
Hint in a whodunit CLUE
Search for prey HUNT
Last word of a prayer AMEN
Having no clutter NEAT


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