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USA Today – Nov 8 2022 Crossword Answers

USA Today – Nov 8 2022

Clues Answers
‘I had nothing to do with it’ WASNTME
‘Incidentally . . .’ in texts BTW
‘Wayne Family Adventures’ superhero BATMAN
‘You are the ___ of my existence’ BANE
‘___ to the point!’ GET
Aliens (Abbr.) ETS
App with photo dumps, for short INSTA
Back muscles, for short LATS
Berry used in Chinese soups GOJI
Boots out of office OUSTS
Bracelet made from a green gemstone JADEBANGLE
Brow beads SWEAT
Bug persistently NAG
Cage for a rabbit HUTCH
Classification for cheese or salsa MILD
Computer image format GIF
Covers with turf SODS
Cried WEPT
Discount events SALES
Drawn-out attack SIEGE
Envelope abbr ATTN
Fleeting trends FADS
Fund drive commitment PLEDGE
Grand ___ National Park TETON
Grocery chain ALDI
Group of three TRIO
Gymnastics great Korbut OLGA
Honey-loving animal BEAR
In need of washing DIRTY
Item on a cat’s collar IDTAG
Jesse’s father in ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ ELI
Leave alone LETBE
Liable to hold on to a minor grudge for years PETTY
Like griots’ stories ORAL
Like poached fish TENDER
Male sheep RAM
Matchmakers arrange them BLINDDATES
Mocking laugh SCOFF
Mom’s ciabatta, for example HOMEMADEBREAD
Clues Answers
Mosquito, for example PEST
Number before dos UNO
Parts of a decade (Abbr.) YRS
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Phrase in an automated email DONOTREPLY
Place for body treatments SPA
Place with honeycombs HIVE
Play it by ___ EAR
Pleasant smell AROMA
Property document DEED
Pros’ counterparts CONS
Psychic power ESP
Radiates EMITS
Reason for doing something MOTIVE
Rise’s counterpart FALL
Serious stage play DRAMA
Simple card game WAR
Skin design, for short TAT
Small parasite MITE
Some makeup removers OILS
Source of extra income SIDEBUSINESS
Spanish for ‘girls’ NINAS
Spoils someone with love DOTES
Spring or winter SEASON
Stat in which Natasha Cloud led the WNBA in 2022 ASSISTS
Stats for a cleanup hitter RBIS
Stunned feeling AWE
Sunny spot for a houseplant SILL
Teacup imperfection CHIP
Tehran’s country IRAN
Toboggans and luges SLEDS
Unadon ingredients EELS
Unpaid publicity FREEPR
Vacancy at a table OPENSEAT
Very enthusiastic EAGER
___ eggplant (dish made with doubanjiang) MAPO
___ ice caps POLAR
___ wonder ONEHIT


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