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The Independent Crossword Answers November 10, 2022


See 2 Down LIKEA
Dodgy cult claims universal knowledge SUSPECT
Cross husband leaves finally – roll the joint ANKLE
Silliness curtailed by outstanding fans FOLLOWING
West’s involvement in Rhodesia’s dissolution appears to be less substantial SHADOWIER
Wine business takes belief CREDO
Partly decorates a bedroom in retirement to add value? Far from it! DEBASE
Student wearing dull top backwards – it offers thermal protection PLACEMAT
Cheap excuse to drop tab amidst confusion FORASONG
Maternal grandmother taking in Italy’s foul atmosphere MIASMA
Attempt to contact the dead – assuming that is not main relative NIECE
Favourite racecourse’s first to provide VIP treatment REDCARPET
American court about to stop gangster getting discharge ACQUITTAL
Deer essentially bit tongue HINDI
Pegs go inside tents TEEPEES
Strongly disapprove of part changing hands after actor Johnny’s quietly sacked DEPLORE


Stewed lamb’s tail brought up BRAISED
Clumsy – audience’s sympathetic during a friend’s dance LIKEA
Cold storage facilities having no news once sunshine’s blazing ICEHOUSES
Posh interrupting a group of footballers before international – tip for team is familiar AUFAIT
Feel slur affected political autonomy SELFRULE
Truss extremely upset – to begin with only one conservative resigned STOIC
Per diems fiddled – I invested in waterproof layer? EPIDERMIS
Tying up guards for starters, then woman regularly breaks into BT Tower TUGBOAT
Problem arising with contrived sequel – it’s supposed to be entertaining BURLESQUE
Hunt and Truss mostly broadcast lies UNTRUTHS
Appropriate to protect local sculpture, say FINEART
Sinatra’s working, making number exciting, principally for dancer ASTAIRE
Confused – put on light ADDLED
Cream from Aldi, regularly described by French and English ELITE
Cruise company theatre’s opening for start of drag show PANTO


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