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The Independent Crossword Answers November 11, 2022


Master no longer wanting to be in charge? OVERPOWER
I left in time, moving smartly AGILE
Husband getting wrong fish HERRING
Bad-tempered member of comedy team finishing early before end of day GROUCHY
Met, perhaps, by rear of these trees COPSE
Large piece of infrastructure, clean, mostly constructed from the rear HOOVERDAM
Now aiding any deaths at sea INTHISDAYANDAGE
Respect shown by knight in honour is excellent OBEISANCE
Holiday venue providing lots of entertainment after surprised response CORFU
Sort that is stored in glasses SPECIES
Bird: pointer given to 22A SPARROW
Attractive, but avoiding trap? Excellent MAGIC
An insect’s fluttering without pause INCESSANT


Second group of shops retaining small quantity of coffee, say ultimate in espresso coffee MOCHACCINO
Judicial decision curtailed by depression of the elderly? DECREPIT
Animosity surrounds source of Russian icon SPRITE
Small shake will do for window curtain SWAG
Fellow in basic accommodation possibly mined gold in ancient city on borders of Thrace TROGLODYTE
European leader giving European rejection about a European NAPOLEON
Science presented in video is likely to stick VISCID
Women collectively behave very heartlessly BEVY
Noticed his bent towards pleasure HEDONISTIC
Fitting to get informed about encounter MEETUPWITH
Fools picked up, taken to Court, following popular response INSTINCT
Uppity attitude adopted by a relative about running the farm AGRARIAN
Go strangely green with envy ultimately ENERGY
Rough vehicles heading east, circling Ohio COARSE
Sport over following result SUMO
Feeling unwell? No time for criticism SICK


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