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The Independent Crossword Answers November 13, 2022


Revealing orientation of spin OUTING
Searching internet possibly, looking for game ONSAFARI
He has to pay young lady, coming out with rock DEBTOR
Wrecked hull on U-boat (not British) docking at port HONOLULU
Republican playing silly, interrupting to propose amendment, for instance? TRISYLLABLE
Awful liar imprisoned by revolutionary prince CHARLIE
Have a wager with this Mutant Turtle with outsize shell ROULETTE
Fully clothed is perhaps what you need to be, to travel … INGEAR
… like this person, weary, shattered, covering a great distance WAYFARER
Unfortunately, this isn’t a grand way to mark dramatic opening ITWASA


Festival date: around Saint Marina? WOODSTOCK
Stop burning counterfoil! STUB
Spying some typo on script returned SNOOPY
Actors Kingsley and Courtenay, maybe, cycled to Bury ENTOMB
Unruly boat user is one causing damage SABOTEUR
Ancient Pope discovered in Roswell – in USA LINUS
City dismisses marketing fever AGUE
Setter’s mother rises for leader at prayers IMAM
Changing hands: whiskey and soda? LYE
Sharp object’s point grasped by young servant FANG
I led a riot: damaged column EDITORIAL
Glass vase broken, son dropped here, you bet! LASVEGAS
Restrain the first man to lose his head DAM
Juliet isn’t there to nudge Romeo: he’s a stable chap OSTLER
Cardinal uses ancient entry occasionally NINETY
Shade upper part of face and tip of nose BROWN
Girl is terribly clumsy, having mislaid manuscript LUCY
Raising dead besides others ETAL


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