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NetWord Crossword Answers November 11, 2022

Author: by S.N.


Catchphrase of Bart’s, in the end ACOW
Curving billiards shot MASSE
Coolidge nickname CAL
Clog, for one SHOE
Carl’s wife in “Up” ELLIE
Caustic ACID
Cannelloni nutrient, for short CARB
Certain sound made by high-heeled shoes CLICKCLACK
Cary Grant’s director in four films HITCHCOCK
Concealed oneself with HIDIN
Captivate a crowd with one’s words ORATE
Choice feature NICETY
Canniness ACUMEN
Cue ball’s bounce CAROM
Chase rival CITI
Chip dip SALSA
Ceremonial assent IDO
Chancy and haphazard CATCHASCATCHCAN
Calabria, vis-à-vis Italy TOE
Chose badly ERRED
“Coulda been something __” IATE
Competitions on tracks RACES
Comment of contentment IMGLAD
Capacities of mastery KNACKS
“Conk” homonym CONCH
Church doctrine CANON
Chaucer’s Italian influencer BOCCACCIO
Colonies of tiny bacteria MICROCOCCI
Cry of dismay OUCH
Cooker in the kitchen OVEN
Command based on political power CLOUT
Curtail STEM
Curly shape ESS
Compete in a no-blinking contest STARE
Caddy supplies TEES


Chagall’s author friend ASCH
Coffeehouse order CHAI
__ cloud (comet-filled region) OORT
Creative outlet for would-be cartoonists WEBCOMIC
“Cradle of Islam” resident MECCAN
Commit goods (to) ALLOT
Cake serving SLICE
Call in __ SICK
Cry of fright EEK
Cat of many colors CALICO
Conforming to laws LICIT
Couture initials DKNY
Charles de Gaulle successor, 25 years later CHIRAC
Charlemagne domain: Abbr. HRE
Creator of the Republican elephant NAST
CD, for one ACCT
Campanian farewell CIAO
Comments spoken UTTERANCES
Covered CLAD
Cold War-era countries: Abbr. SSRS
Crackerjack ACE
Chart fillers DATA
Cursorily developed, for short ONED
Curt dismissal HECKNO
Consort of Aphrodite ARES
Cause of consumer reluctance HIGHCOST
Chipmunk cache ACORNS
Cause action by INCITE
Cher record label of the ’70s MCA
Conveniently named Midwest radio station KCMO
Credulous NAIVE
Campout warmer COCOA
Come to pass OCCUR
Clear out in a hurry BOLT
Cuddly CUTE
Carbonated frozen beverage brand ICEE
Current measures OHMS
Car engine volume measures CCS


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