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USA Today – Nov 12 2022 Crossword Answers

 USA Today – Nov 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Call Me By Your ___’ NAME
‘Good one!’ NICE
‘I want to leave’ LETMEGO
‘It’s all fun and ___ until . . .’ GAMES
‘It’s just all right’ MEH
‘My ___ are open if you wanna chat’ DMS
‘thank u, next’ singer, to her fans ARI
‘The future is ___’ (T-shirt slogan) FEMALE
‘Training Day’ star Hawke ETHAN
Accessibility features for wheelchairs RAMPS
Alert other drivers about an upcoming turn SIGNAL
Altar agreement IDO
Animated image often used for memes GIF
Astronaut Jemison MAE
Avocado ___ (breakfast option) TOAST
Backyard storage structures SHEDS
Biscuitlike pastry SCONE
Bit of deception used as a lure DECOY
Booking for a comedian GIG
Border EDGE
Capital city that hosts the Ibero-American Theater Festival BOGOTACOLOMBIA
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Center of an apple CORE
Closely looked at EYED
Comedic bits GAGS
Dish made with arborio rice RISOTTO
Driver’s license, passport, etc IDS
Egypt’s largest city CAIRO
Extra goodie TREAT
Field that studies DNA’s structure GENOMICS
Finish END
Gives temporarily LENDS
Help AID
Hide just out of sight LURK
Highway division LANE
Ill intent MALICE
Lacking enough resources INNEED
Large Australian bird that lays large green eggs EMU
Like Carolina Reaper peppers HOT
Location with a URL SITE
Looks at SEES
Loud enough to be heard AUDIBLE
Miner’s find ORE
Molly Kearney’s show, for short SNL
Mr., Mrs. or Mx TITLE
Nourishment for a pet parrot BIRDFOOD
Offer guidance ADVISE
On vacation OFF
Operatic solo ARIA
Pork cut LOIN
Regular behaviors HABITS
Relays and steeplechases RACES
Service charges FEES
Sesame ___ SEED
Shoe with a wooden sole CLOG
Singer/surgeon Dr. ___ Francois ELVIS
Sound from a threatened cat HISS
Strange ODD
T-bones, for example STEAKS
Totally astounds BOGGLESTHEMIND
Tweak some text EDIT
Type of patch that can go on T-shirts IRONON
Type of screen, for short LCD
Unfounded assertions BOGUSCLAIMS
Unlikely to wobble STABLE
Vehicle for gliding down snow SLED
Where a river or road branches into two FORK
Wipe off a whiteboard ERASE
Wise people SAGES
___ and choose PICK
___ Downer (pessimistic person) DEBBIE


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