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The Independent Crossword Answers November 17, 2022


Rubbish poetry aches endlessly – that’s the long and the short of it TROCHEE
Bungling pal fleeced by gold-digger in the end AMATEUR
Front of blockade let down for liberal lord LIEGE
Looking in mirror, see what wicked types may be up to TIL
Carved item bound for synagogue possibly includes symbol different from cross TOTEM
Once humans have died off, he’ll really push the envelope … POSTMAN
… knocking around at nine hundred like Methuselah ANCIENT
Comic character’s a friend of Batman and Superman? ROBINGOODFELLOW
Head of airline’s very happy to drop off old fighter pilot AVIATOR
One who fancies getting married, perhaps? ADMIRER
Cooler’s nice and fiery wings discounted ICIER
Hamburger’s good and natural GUT
Unprofessionally laid down in the middle of pillow fight LOWFI
Wolf impressed by home that’s most unlike a pig sty NEATEST
Sister bandages injury at work, ultimately doing this? NURSING


See 12 Across TOTEM
Calm helper regularly stops P G Wodehouse’s lead character getting upset PHLEGM
Novel about small vessel almost too detailed WENTINTO
Spanish dish needing one bone but tossing out another PAELLA
Old writer taps tablet to reveal parody PASTICHE
Master has flogger in Fifty Shades of Grey? BESTSELLER
Talented but short Poirot figured out quick getaway method TELEPORTATION
Doing job from home, or sticking the telly on? REMOTEWORKING
Such a message in album is unexpectedly left SUBLIMINAL
They’ll draw up contracts excluding certain stars NOTARIES
Row about high-pitched electronic beeping on phone DIALTONE
High-flying American brothers picked up parts of bill RIGHTS
Flat whites you wouldn’t want to swallow MOLARS
Court order put solicitor’s nose out of joint WRIT


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