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The Independent Crossword Answers November 16, 2022


Mockery made of exposed Tsar with flag SATIRE
I nearly forgot alternate parts of early Mass hymns PSALMS
Simply quitting band recording needless routine REDTAPE
Guy may be put atop this tree in Book One BONFIRE
Tiny egg blini cooked by the Parisian NEGLIGIBLE
Brand-new CIA finally following satellite state IOWA
Supporter integrating with UK garment BURKA
Rabble-rousing society linked to publication SEDITION
Servant sick of cat: dog briefly brought back FACTOTUM
6’s runs that are more like jogs TROTS
Bad fiddler embedded in revolutionary Florence NERO
Father assuming everyone is most self-righteous PREACHIEST
These are carved into 10 parts of head TEMPLES
Wi-Fi dropping 50% by prison yard in particular FINICKY
March hares essentially overcome by swirling tides STRIDE
10 ultimately repeated is what Boris excelled at TENNIS


Material had some influence on broadcast SUEDE
So-called ‘bird’ initially uncle labelled as ‘reptile’ TITULAR
Horrid canine caged by horrid tanner REPUGNANT
One who might walk down the aisle in plain clothes STORE
Red amphibian included in tally LEFTIST
Bottles from jackets of Wandsworth guards? SCREWTOPS
Maltreatment involving one doctor on large historic site ABUSIMBEL
New balls seem squeaky clean BLAMELESS
Written-up account covers back of gung-ho soldier TROOPER
Estimation primarily of (22/7n + 10n) OPINION
Principal gives support to parking appeal PLEAD
Adherents raised quiet offspring lacking depth SIKHS


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