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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 17, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Clothes lines HEMS
Took a part ACTED
Fix copy EDIT
State without proof ALLEGE
Visitor to Siam ANNA
Put aboard, as cargo LOADON
Features of some 1950s autos TAILFINS
Cartel bosses KINGPINS
Drake’s music RAP
States AVERS
Push rudely SHOVE
Remain unused SIT
Inclined LEANED
Spirits for fizzes SLOEGINS
Refuse receptacles DUSTBINS
Crop pest LOCUST
Falco of TV EDIE
Passes, as a law ENACTS
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Loser to Truman DEWEY
Russian refusal NYET


Warm up HEAT
Writer Ferber EDNA
Short skirt MINI
Overzealous fan STALKER
Next to ALONG
Brooch part CLASP
Lasso of TV TED
Swelled head EGO
Bear’s lair DEN
Flared dress ALINE
Evergreen trees FIRS
Magnetic metal IRON
Church area NAVE
Went fast SPED
Wicked EVIL
White House power VETO
Dispatched SENT
Former star HASBEEN
Shopping aids LISTS
Draw out EDUCE
Like hurricane weather GUSTY
Without basis IDLY
Khartoum’s river NILE
Place at the table SEAT
Went ahead LED
Early hour ONE
Cornfield cry CAW


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