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The Independents Concise Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

The Independents Concise Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Gem 5 letters JEWEL
Outlawed 6 letters BANNED
Volition 4 letters WILL
Type of war memorial 8 letters CENOTAPH
Practice of refraining 10 letters ABSTINENCE
Arm muscle 6 letters BICEPS
Gallows 6 letters GIBBET
Ingrained 10 letters DEEPSEATED
Commercial plane 8 letters AIRLINER
Swerve 4 letters VEER
High regard 6 letters ESTEEM
Divide 5 letters SPLIT
Unite 4 letters JOIN
Well-being 7 letters WELFARE
Place 5 letters LOCUS
Decorative flags 7 letters BUNTING
Saltpetre 5 letters NITRE
Anticipated 8 letters EXPECTED
Skittles 8 letters NINEPINS
Breastbone 7 letters STERNUM
Torment 7 letters BEDEVIL
Throb 5 letters PULSE
Divisions of the academic year 5 letters TERMS
Band around the waist 4 letters BELT

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