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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 13 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 13 2022 Answers:

Revealing orientation of spin 6 letters OUTING
Searching internet possibly looking for game 8 letters ONSAFARI
He has to pay young lady coming out with rock 6 letters DEBTOR
Wrecked hull on U-boat (not British) docking at port 8 letters HONOLULU
Republican playing silly interrupting to propose amendment for instance? 11 letters TRISYLLABLE
Awful liar imprisoned by revolutionary prince 7 letters CHARLIE
Have a wager with this Mutant Turtle with outsize shell 8 letters ROULETTE
Fully clothed is perhaps what you need to be to travel … 6 letters INGEAR
… like this person weary shattered covering a great distance 8 letters WAYFARER
Unfortunately this isn’t a grand way to mark dramatic opening 26 letters ITWASA DARKAND STORMYNIGHT
Festival date: around Saint Marina? 9 letters WOODSTOCK
Stop burning counterfoil! 4 letters STUB
Spying some typo on script returned 6 letters SNOOPY
Actors Kingsley and Courtenay maybe cycled to Bury 6 letters ENTOMB
Unruly boat user is one causing damage 8 letters SABOTEUR
Ancient Pope discovered in Roswell – in USA 5 letters LINUS
City dismisses marketing fever 4 letters AGUE
Setters mother rises for leader at prayers 4 letters IMAM
Changing hands: whiskey and soda? 3 letters LYE
Sharp objects point grasped by young servant 4 letters FANG
I led a riot: damaged column 9 letters EDITORIAL
Glass vase broken son dropped here you bet! 8 letters LASVEGAS
Restrain the first man to lose his head 3 letters DAM
Juliet isnt there to nudge Romeo: hes a stable chap 6 letters OSTLER
Cardinal uses ancient entry occasionally 6 letters NINETY
Shade upper part of face and tip of nose 5 letters BROWN
Girl is terribly clumsy having mislaid manuscript 4 letters LUCY
Raising dead besides others 4 letters ETAL


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