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Crossword Champ Daily November 13 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 13 2022 Answers:

Bob Hope played this vaudevillian FOY
Lincoln’s nickname ABE
Everyday article THE
Martin Beck give-away PROGRAM
Internet protocol that lets your transfer files (abbr) FTP
Egyptian’s form of the Sun ATON
Building blocks of human skeleton BONES
Cooking personality EMERIL
Dr Richards of tennis RENEE
Naval petty officer (abbr) YEO
Like some families ONEPARENT
Breads to dip in hummus PITAS
Harkness ___ Mansion (part of Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford CT) EOLIA
Long in movies NIA
Dynamic start? AERO
Huffington Post owner AOL
Marshall Plan agcy ECA
Net-surfer’s stop SITE
River in North-east Scotland DEE
Town near Silver Springs OCALA
Licorice flavored oil bearers ANISEEDS
Dr Zhivago heroine LARA
Entangled AFOUL
Thin sheet LAMINA
Tournament venue ARENA
Underside of a beam SOFFIT
Sherwood and Black eg FORESTS
Lord is ___?: Last Supper question ITI
Environmental pollutant (abbr) THM
Grass genus AIRA
Mezzo-soprano Varnay ASTRID
Truth old style SOOTH
Grade 9 – 12 institutes (abbr) HSS
Have ___ mind to HALFA
Trunk item SPARE
Web journals BLOGS
Evaluate: as___ SESS
Military blockade SIEGE
Companion of Thummim URIM
Software program briefly APP
Give a valid claim ENTITLE
Old Chinese money ENTITLE
and they will be distributed over a ___ LARGEAREA
Computer interface with icons (abbr) GUI
Total ADD
(‘Pulp Fiction’ actress Thurman) UMA
Bill Gates’ portal MSN
Businessman’s crime FRAUD
Carrier p___ons were trained to carry messages over long distances IGE
Race track in Fort Worth Texas (abbr) TMS
Auspices AEGIS
US state with three counties DEL
___ Diego SAN
Seasonal Mexican workers BRACEROS
Shoe mender: cobb___ LER
How a box may be set ONEND
Wish granter GENIE
Stiff hairs SETAE
60-min as photo-lab service OHR
Jerry’s cartoon foe TOM


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