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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

The Sun Coffee Time Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Strong wire 5 letters CABLE
Observation 7 letters COMMENT
Indecent 7 letters OBSCENE
In the vicinity 5 letters LOCAL
Scottish festival 8 letters HOGMANAY
Peeress 4 letters LADY
Consolation 6 letters SOLACE
Contract or narrow 6 letters SHRINK
Trademark symbol 4 letters LOGO
Creative skill 8 letters ARTISTRY
Porcelain 5 letters CHINA
Bluster 7 letters BRAVADO
Barren 7 letters STERILE
Evade 5 letters DODGE
Apparel 7 letters CLOTHES
Public vehicle 3 letters BUS
Grace 8 letters ELEGANCE
Roman ruler Julius 6 letters CAESAR
Spy 4 letters MOLE
Holy Communion 9 letters EUCHARIST
Television 5 letters TELLY
Mining explosive 9 letters GELIGNITE
Bangkok location 8 letters THAILAND
Non-invasive surgery 7 letters KEYHOLE
Threefold 6 letters TREBLE
Particular position 5 letters LOCUS
Black cab 4 letters TAXI
Assistance 3 letters AID


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