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The Sun Cryptic Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

The Sun Cryptic Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Conservative with clever message 5 letters CABLE
Remark from married chaps in bed 7 letters COMMENT
Offensive outside broadcast location 7 letters OBSCENE
About to enter laugh out loud in pub 5 letters LOCAL
Swineherd always seen in celebration 8 letters HOGMANAY
Woman puts daughter in place 4 letters LADY
Sun fantastic brings comfort 6 letters SOLACE
Analyst needs hour to crack depression 6 letters SHRINK
Record nothing in corporate image 4 letters LOGO
Flair shown in sitar-playing attempt 8 letters ARTISTRY
Mate from beach in Australia 5 letters CHINA
Supporter opposing trouble shows boldness 7 letters BRAVADO
Way anger about English is unproductive 7 letters STERILE
Bypass Kansas City 5 letters DODGE
Garments in new chest: look inside 7 letters CLOTHES
U-boat coming up provides transport 3 letters BUS
English cricket side finally win in great style 8 letters ELEGANCE
Emperor’s vehicle letting in rising water 6 letters CAESAR
Secret agent necessarily underground? 4 letters MOLE
Christian sacrament involved such a rite 9 letters EUCHARIST
Savalas in box 5 letters TELLY
What’s set to explode? 9 letters GELIGNITE
Reported restriction on country one in Asia 8 letters THAILAND
An opening for an opener 7 letters KEYHOLE
Singer’s stereo control knob 6 letters TREBLE
See coppers in place? 5 letters LOCUS
Excise duty applied to one vehicle 4 letters TAXI
Domestic needs no male help 3 letters AID


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