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The Sun Crossword Answers November 13, 2022


American in Punch sequence CHAIN
Polite knight coming in to buy fish GENTEEL
Souvenir same in France, not fantastic MEMENTO
Outstanding police officer SUPER
Criminal vice: need forensic support? EVIDENCE
Composer’s address in Wales BACH
Don’t punish defence EXCUSE
Sentence fragment from drunken sherpa PHRASE
Tower in Montenegro perhaps ROPE
Dog: has he drunk 54 gallons of beer? HOGSHEAD
Film star born in hurricane GABLE
She in torment shows spirit BANSHEE
Did hear about stick-in-the-mud DIEHARD
Port one found in barrels TUNIS
Linked series CHAIN
Affectedly refined GENTEEL
Keepsake MEMENTO
Excellent SUPER
Johann Sebastian BACH
Forgive EXCUSE
Expression PHRASE
Stout cord ROPE
Large cask HOGSHEAD
Roof end GABLE
Wailing woman BANSHEE
Reactionary DIEHARD
North African capital TUNIS


Host politician, English, in centre COMPERE
Prepare to shoot excellent Frenchman AIM
Poetry from Lear is rubbish NONSENSE
Bad cough besets king who complains GROUCH
Something that smells in casino security NOSE
Walk, asleep and moving ESPLANADE
Polar Christmas tree stocked here LARCH
Silly pelican ingesting tar helpless INCAPABLE
Brown makes stale joke CHESTNUT
Infinite movement in Leeds North and South ENDLESS
Both changed Edward in nursery HOTBED
Set to falsify papers RIGID
Brilliant girl without name MEGA
Bird in the nest HEN
TV presenter COMPERE
Intent or goal AIM
Balderdash NONSENSE
Grumpy person GROUCH
Bouquet NOSE
Beach pavement ESPLANADE
Deciduous conifer LARCH
Incompetent INCAPABLE
Horse variety CHESTNUT
Perpetual ENDLESS
Greenhouse area HOTBED
Fantastic MEGA
Female chicken HEN


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