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Code Letter Crossword Answers November 13, 2022

Crossword: by Mark McClain


In addition ALSO
Taj __ MAHAL
Bed frame plank SLAT
Sam of “Jurassic Park” NEILL
Make into law ENACT
“Cheerio!” TATA
Ho-hum feeling ENNUI
Retail clerk’s query HOWCANISERVEYOU
Twist, as a wet washcloth WRING
Quartet in “inconvenient” ENS
Party throwers HOSTS
Receptive (to) OPEN
Golf great Vijay SINGH
“Simpsons” bus driver OTTO
Sports update info SCORE
Little sugar holder PACKET
Complain, so to speak MOAN
Dietary supplement VITAMINTABLET
French Sra. MME
Coffee cup cover LID
Puccini opera TOSCA
Form 1040 agcy. IRS
By the sea, as a resort OCEANSIDE
Barnyard enclosure STY
That and that THOSE
Overwhelm STUN
Cruise-ship quarters CABIN
One in charge HEAD
Daisy relative ASTER
Goes up and down YOYOS
Cavern phenomenon ECHO
Nutritionist’s suggestion HEALTHYMEAL
Identify NAME
Chaplin persona TRAMP
Casio competitor TIMEX
Peel with a knife PARE
Humble abode HOVEL
Lofty tennis shots LOBS
Turn loose LETGO
Temp worker SUB
Part of a Dracula costume OPERACAPE
Pine relative FIR
__-Coeur (Parisian cathedral) SACRE
Form 1040 no. SSN
Logger’s implement SAW
Gets closer to the ground LOSESALTITUDE
Hymn finales AMENS
Global furniture giant IKEA
Admitted (to) OWNEDUP
Alligator cousin CAIMAN
Mythical sky supporter ATLAS
“Butt out” initialism MYOB
Urgent care physician ERDOC
Intense craving LUST
Ben Stiller’s mom MEARA
Rocked in a rocker SAT
River through Orléans LOIRE
Blocking a driveway, say PARKEDILLEGALLY
Melodic TONAL
Prefix meaning “both” AMBI
Act too broadly EMOTE
Take a glance LOOK
Insignificant SMALL
Sphinx, in part LION
LPs, essentially VINYL
Blunt sword EPEE


Muscle soreness ACHE
Bird on a Canadian $1 coin LOON
Gets a garden started SOWS
Sooner St. capital OKC
Opera composer Gian Carlo __ MENOTTI
“Friends” star ANISTON
Is compelled HASTO
Highly skilled ones ACES
PO delivery LTR
Initial instruction STEPONE
Cake tier LAYER
Made amends ATONED
Sorority letter TAU
Associated Press, e.g. NEWSAGENCY
Make more rewarding ENRICH
How to sign a contract ININK
Fencing thrust LUNGE
Easy to carry LIGHT
Maritime greeting AHOYMATE
Not afraid to speak up VOCAL
Sheds a tear SOBS
Western wildcat PUMA
USMC recruits PVTS
Laughfest RIOT
__-bitsy ITSY
Cleanup appliance VAC
Female zebra MARE
Foreboding sign OMEN
“__ the season . . .” TIS
Wooden souvenir of Alaska TOTEM
Neighbor of Egypt LIBYA
Term not to take literally IDIOM
Tightly compressed DENSE
Treat successfully CURE
River through Lyon SAONE
“That’s absurd!” HAH
Poetic tribute ODE
Underworld river STYX
Diamond big shot HOMER
24-hr. cash sources ATMS
That windjammer SHE
Cultural character ETHOS
Trims, as a photo CROPS
Place of refuge HAVEN
Perched on ATOP
Written defamation LIBEL
Fitting APT
Fall behind LAG
Antibody producer PLASMACELL
Pitcher’s accessory ROSINBAG
Grassy area LAWN
Subject for Leonardo LISA
Important period ERA
Gulf War missile SCUD
Language of Pakistan URDU
Pager sound BEEP
Normandy city CAEN
Consultant’s charges FEES
Had something ATE
Waterproof fabric OILSKIN
Enjoy a rink SKATE
Unbending support LOYALTY
Lasting about 20 minutes, as a silent comedy TWOREEL
Ethically neutral AMORAL
Spicy sandwich sausage SALAMI
Boston hoopsters, for short CELTS
Woolf’s “__ of One’s Own” AROOM
Actress Menzel of “Wicked” IDINA
Engine supercharger TURBO
Breakfast serving MELON
“La Bohème” heroine MIMI
Supper for swine SLOP
Skin lotion ingredient ALOE
Little guy TYKE
Crony PAL
Patel of “Slumdog Millionaire” DEV
Drink on draught ALE


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