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The Sun Crossword Answers November 17, 2022


Explosive delicacy at children’s parties JELLY
Having diamonds only shows integrity JUSTICE
Tory with diplomacy connection CONTACT
Sloshed male is loose-limbed LITHE
Bad baron, at it, one taking tourists for ride? BOATTRAIN
Eggs some Geordies sent round ROE
Crawler busy worker let out BEETLE
Supporters surrounding Rolls Royce in search FERRET
Line used in particular campaign ARC
City has an unpleasant duty collecting silver ANCHORAGE
Regrettably jailing one giving false name ALIAS
King in decline complaining RAILING
Counter-revolutionary defeat? TROUNCE
Dying? Agree to be treated! EAGER
Gelignite JELLY
Communicate with CONTACT
Supple LITHE
Transport to dock BOATTRAIN
Small deer variety ROE
Polecat FERRET
Curve ARC
Alaskan port ANCHORAGE
Pseudonym ALIAS
Metal fence RAILING
Soundly thrash TROUNCE
Zealous EAGER


Biblical twin brings account into work JACOB
Career over time reveals roots LINEAGE
Elevator in bakery? YEAST
Fatigue shown by alien left in E-Type? JETLAG
French article put in after gag SILENCE
Lay to rest in Hinterland INTER
Mountain woman having breather EVEREST
Creatures around lake: its obvious BLATANT
Alison involved with one in romance LIAISON
University offers interpretation READING
Rare shock: Charlie allowed in SCARCE
Fabric from Dutch in Oldenburg CHINO
Make suggestion in old wood OPINE
Composer’s drunk lager ELGAR
Esau’s brother JACOB
Ancestry LINEAGE
Dough ingredient YEAST
Travel tiredness JETLAG
Quietness SILENCE
Entomb INTER
Himalayan peak EVEREST
Flagrant BLATANT
Go-between LIAISON
Berkshire town READING
Uncommon SCARCE
Twilled material CHINO
Offer thoughts OPINE
Composer Edward ELGAR

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