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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 19, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Eastern monk LAMA
Subject TOPIC
“The end of —” ANERA
Texas mission ALAMO
Awaited BIDED
Maryland players, for short TERPS
Running bird EMU
CEO’s deg. MBA
Take a load off SIT
Dog star LASSIE
Reduced amount LESS
First lady from Texas LAURABUSH
Inform against RATON
First lady from New Jersey JILLBIDEN
Refuse DENY
“Twelfth Night” heroine OLIVIA
— pro nobis ORA
Chopping tool AXE
Fall mo. OCT
Enter a password, say LOGIN
Austrian poet RILKE
Correct, as text EMEND
Goalie’s stat SAVES
Office sights DESKS
Dissolve MELT


Record company LABEL
Zoo resident ANIMAL
One of the Gorgons MEDUSA
Verb for you ARE
“See ya!” TATA
Bullring cry OLE
Examines sentences PARSES
Mischievous IMPISH
Goes for COSTS
Navy bigwig ADMIRAL
Vocally imitate a drum machine BEATBOX
Bad-tempered SURLY
Monday, in Marseilles LUNDI
Basement fixtures BOILERS
Composer Kern JEROME
For a long time INAGES
Change over time EVOLVE
Site of Jefferson’s portrait NICKEL
Meted out DOLED
“This is only —” ATEST
“No ifs, —, or buts” ANDS
Squid’s squirt INK
Descartes’s conclusion IAM

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