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The Sun Crossword March 30, 2023


Doctor straddling old exercise bike MOPED
Cleric one in church seat for special showing PREVIEW
A bin I am moving around country NAMIBIA
Surprise win brings distress UPSET
As Henry VIII eventually was, aptly? KINGSIZED
Name withheld by Fair Lady EVE
Drunk taking bottle-opener to bingo? BLOTTO
Is inundated with news about Poles DROWNS
Other unpleasant traits seen initially in Bloom OUT
Highly valued as hilarious? PRICELESS
Unknown state car bishop occupies LIMBO
One always on the make? CREATOR
Brave man to vex six-footer GALLANT
Fool, pert drunk, ingests whiskey TWERP
Motorised bicycle MOPED
Early screening PREVIEW
African nation NAMIBIA
Knock over UPSET
Unusually large KINGSIZED
Night before EVE
Very inebriated BLOTTO
Dismissed at wicket OUT
Invaluable PRICELESS
Caribbean dance LIMBO
Chivalrous GALLANT
Nitwit TWERP


Pole wearing fur in city MINSK
Blokes in mine love hot pepper PIMENTO
Duke restructured best sums owed DEBTS
Square Italian meal adult tucked into PIAZZA
Cure strangely suppressing trouble in country ECUADOR
Row is over woman ISSUE
Stupid lists we changed WITLESS
Sell illicitly from sack by stage BOOTLEG
Pudding in a pot CIA spoiled TAPIOCA
Some widow restless in dispute WRESTLE
One may have pride in large boat BIGCAT
Sri Lankan male in shadow TAMIL
People chosen in climate lectures ELECT
King brought inside to finish tantrum STROP
Belarus capital MINSK
Allspice PIMENTO
Fiscal liabilities DEBTS
Public concourse PIAZZA
South American state ECUADOR
Edition ISSUE
Unlicensed recording BOOTLEG
Starch grains TAPIOCA
Grapple on canvas WRESTLE
Lion or tiger BIGCAT
Sri Lankan or Indian person TAMIL
Pick via ballot ELECT
Display of temper STROP


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