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The Sun Two Speed Crossword Answers November 19, 2022


Daughter, tender, to attract DRAW
Possible as belief is shaken FEASIBLE
Unctuous sergeant-major with soldiers SMARMY
Mum with northerner, the lucky beast MASCOT
Lady in pub with my posh son? BARONESS
Hammer perhaps excessively large TOOL
Copper with cook, appalling nest-stealer CUCKOO
Tempt with request to join party? INVITE
Tyrant in flats arrested TSAR
I’m one mixed with TNT preparation OINTMENT
Meat roll in South Africa affected Liam SALAMI
On ship notice pig brought in ABOARD
Impressed with Spitfire’s last wild flight STAMPEDE
Still all square EVEN
Lottery or raffle DRAW
Practical FEASIBLE
Nauseatingly suave SMARMY
Talisman MASCOT
Noblewoman BARONESS
Puppet or pawn TOOL
Bird in Swiss clock CUCKOO
Ask round INVITE
Russian emperor TSAR
Soothing balm OINTMENT
Spicy sausage SALAMI
Contained in boat ABOARD
Sudden rush STAMPEDE
Quits EVEN


Graduate after drink in dance RUMBA
Stalemate in fighting? Sorcerer needed WARLOCK
Insect necessarily airborne? FLY
Letting in, and letting on? ADMISSION
Cartographic detail one sent for correction INSET
Watchman having to watch it! LOOKOUT
Energy company distributed monies, cut costs ECONOMISE
Arrogant person raises bitter UPSTART
Split low in pot VAMOOSE
Right meal cooked in province REALM
Bottle in container vessel NERVE
Dread uprising in Cisplatine War AWE
Afro-Cuban music RUMBA
Use air transport FLY
Disclosure ADMISSION
Mini-map INSET
Sentinel LOOKOUT
Social climber UPSTART
Depart hurriedly VAMOOSE
Domain REALM
Boldness NERVE
Wonder AWE

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