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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,147 – Nov 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Add-on for individual office telephone EXTENSION
Angry at university reluctant to spend money UPTIGHT
Appearances of disheartened Poet Laureate HUES
Car about to be acquired by fellow Caribbean islander DOMINICAN
Crack constabulary is inspiring STAB
Current energy requirement essentially must stop STREAM
Food items, some sacred, I blessed EDIBLES
House in decay, gutted and filthy DYNASTY
Investigation concerning school that’s capturing attention RESEARCH
Island’s papers turned up to see wreck DISABLE
Large doubt mostly that Bill puts on hairspray LACQUER
Look towards student feeding extremely large creature GAZELLE
Mammal consumed food, tucking into game RATEL
Meteorologist initially guessing about humidity MUGGINESS
Model or tarted-up woman making brunch for one? PORTMANTEAUWORD
One whose work can be draining? PLUMBER
Person gambling gets team playing having lost one time, right? GAMESTER
Poor children leaving school at last after English improved ENRICHED
Posh medic beginning to use revolting language URDU
Professed a love to embrace Victor and get married AVOWED
Projectile writer describes fully opening BALLISTIC
Region united behind leader of Zulus ZONE
Supposedly offspring of necessity is porky? INVENTION
Tree regularly spreads in garden close to fence PEDIGREE
Upset husband interrupting public spat OVERTHROW
Visible embarrassment as second transmitter goes west REDNESS
Vulgar Republican adopts daughter, one manipulated by sailor? RUDDER
Wife’s sister perhaps through with teaching, some said INLAW
Write music, say, and outlast men oddly ignored NOTATE
Writer from Germany seen with criminal ERNESTHEMINGWAY

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