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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,959 – Nov 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Abrupt end to Celt language TERSE
Adult kiss on island revealing truth AXIOM
Ascent of Conservative member CLIMB
Bare below? Possibly change material CASHMERE
Be faithful embracing unrefined toadying CRAWLING
Branch or agency covering foreign city ANCHORAGE
Ceremony broadcast without a crowd SACRAMENT
Charming losing Democrat fit for office ELECTABLE
Clairvoyance with endless practice produces life ESPRIT
Cut charge on shoestring LACERATE
Empty catacomb contains curious piece CRUMB
Fancy clubs with dance party CRAVE
Following proper sex this compiler’s crude PRIMITIVE
Gladiator scraps about cheers nearly ended SPARTACUS
Going outside, catching cold, causing fever EXCITING
Head in charge? It’s debatable TOPIC
Heavenly region around stellar twelve revolving ZODIAC
Hypocrisy from bank CANT
Japan maybe supporting auto plant CARNATION
Look almost sweet after hard trim HAIRCUT
Makes water, obscuring pupils primarily WEEPS
Naked wearing rubbish silk TABARET
One overcomes after firstly escaping bailiff EVICTOR
Part of church in deterioration’s uplifted SECTOR
Plod arrests nabbing one with ecstasy TRAIPSE
Shocking former sweetheart, guy accepts resistance EXECRABLE
Struggle with belief VIEW
Symbol of French corruption DEVICE
The main man, in the main ADMIRAL
Try hitching up motorway, backpacking initially THUMB
Unlucky over without taking duck OMINOUS
What aroma nicely rising enshrouds lover INAMORATA

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