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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,261 – Mar 30 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Blokes confined by very big threats OMENS
Conservative leading more promising staff CROSIER
Don’t get out stick BATON
Firm holding one new cushy job SINECURE
Food from inn: mutter angrily NUTRIMENT
Glow about to follow passion LUSTRE
Government right to give some money STATER
Haggard woman facing Queen is thin SHEER
Home provided over stay FIRESIDE
Hound bank admitting blunder TERRIER
Invisible force let priest go, somehow POLTERGEIST
Iscariot finally with motive for treachery TREASON
Lead part, so got in cast PROTAGONIST
Little marsupial nourished and covered ROOFED
Mob area’s got gangs, occasionally RAGTAG
Most reckless supports heartless robbery BRASHEST
Neighbourhood detective’s fooled, reportedly DISTRICT
Possibly firm foundation ESTABLISHMENT
Quiet stroll leading to awkward gait SHAMBLE
Reason to accept court dispensing goodness SANCTITY
Saw flash catching too much MOTTO
Shocking vote for Republican in charge ELECTRIC
Sober sailors shelter crossing current ABSTINENT
Somebody perhaps as redundant extra, initially SPARE
Steady and true in prudent changes UNINTERRUPTED
Walk on board cool craft SPACESHIP
Warms sweetheart wearing top coverings HEATS
Working empty parable into sermon OPERATION


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