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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,262 – Mar 31 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
… drink always imbibed by British date BEVERAGE
Bowls over with second ball turning, claiming wicket WOWS
Check hotel key HALT
Conservative is in rush to become whip CHASTISE
Criminal world keen to pinch European tapestry, say NEEDLEWORK
Cut broadcaster admits is inadequate SKETCHY
Day of rest that occasionally pop group’s taken up SABBATH
Delinquent pair at first illegally entering school CULPRIT
Diamonds, yellowish-white, 99 maybe ICECREAM
Dispense with goalkeeper’s pass to team member? THROWOUT
Do well, rather like a constituent in Rye? FLOURISH
Exert pressure on sleuth somehow HUSTLE
Extremely sensitive rugby player, 14 SEWING
Fifty university fellows blocking review of book earnings EMOLUMENT
Going out with sexy body, bust, repeatedly exposed EXODUS
Hands over, making exchange SWAP
Hat for a journalist to wear FEDORA
Mammal, rabbit, hid regularly amongst grass all around FRUITBAT
Old nautical instrument remaining after last of bids SEXTANT
Palace attendant has no time for tour guide COURIER
Pasta from tin Lionel cooked around noon CANNELLONI
Peacekeepers’ secretary-general perhaps not confirmed UNOFFICIAL
Pet belonging to us feeds at five, roughly FAVOURITE
Put on new coat with narrow back, keeping trendy REPAINT
Scottish football club being mostly obdurate LIVINGSTON
Terrible despair across America? Bliss! PARADISE
Tolerate rude fellow BEAR
Type of irrigation restricted by protocol on Iceland COLONIC
Vain individual requiring top German wine, reportedly … PEACOCK
Will’s responsible person as Devon banker, dividing gold EXECUTOR


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