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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,036 – Mar 31 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Child angry about Arthur’s dad’s four-star arrangement SOUTHERNCROSS
English team going up in place succeeded, getting points on display PIXELS
Facility for a listener and another missing person LUCAN
Family band on the road for Mull KINTYRE
Far from swarthy lot without a care WANTON
Feature of some altimeters showing when to fill up? MEALTIME
Fighter’s moves do not wake bats TAEKWONDO
How surprising to find whisky, say, in baby carriages? CHOOCHOO
I’ll get people back over river such as one in Russia AVENGER
It may be painful cracking complex cases with hollow bullets ABSCESS
It’s over corporal, possibly way overhead ONCOST
Kid in brief service of China TEASE
Nearly unconscious? Very unconscious and hardly observant UNDEVOUT
Port, or what’s left after opening of bottle BREST
Ranchers displacing monks etc STOCKMEN
Rat out of rice, e.g. GRASS
Reject sugar, bad, a carb: Atkins’ somewhat tricky formula? ABRACADABRA
Render identity void with no names? ANONYMISE
Resistance unit airmen set up to apply intelligence that baker could supply FARMHOUSELOAF
Saint’s name through an eternity AGNES
Scottish writer is saving flood defences BANKS
Sly look around island that’s in French city LEICESTER
Spread fake news about Republican men in hazy situation MISREPORT
Warning: beer can start to get round resistance ALERTING
What cheer is behind most of recognised desk space? KNEEHOLE
What you need in house following awkward scenes NECESSARIES
Within reach of oarsmen with a sailor in place ROWABLE
Write from Paris to The Thunderer? AUTHOR


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