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New York Times, Saturday, April 1, 2023 Crossword

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___ names NAME
___ Said (2022 film) SHE
Airer of “Batman” on 1960s TV ABC
Annual book prize BOOKER
Art pieces that date back to the Han dynasty WOODCUTS
Awkward things at family movie night LOVESCENES
Ball game BOCCE
Become less brilliant WANE
Break down while reading PARSE
Brew whose red-and-white logo was inspired by billiard balls AMSTELBEER
Buddha is often depicted with one HALO
Capital of São Tomé and Príncipe SAOTOME
Cell info DNA
Champs can precede this ELYSEES
Check STEM
City down Lake Erie from Buffalo, N.Y. ERIEPA
Cochon de ___ (suckling pig) LAIT
Comparatively unpleasant NASTIER
Country whose postal service has a special “Letters to God” dept. ISR
Cry heard on April Fool’s Day APRILFOOL
Disgust ODIUM
Downside of checking a bag FEE
Experience of feeling unfamiliar with something that’s actually quite familiar to you JAMAISVU
Fabric for a sweater MOHAIR
Fed. fiscal group OMB
Fig. with two hyphens SSN
Fourth president after Adams ADAMS
Go (into) DELVE
Going well? REGULAR
Grinder MOLAR
Grounds for an apology SNAFU
Herd : cattle :: ___ : snakes DEN
High-quality TOPEND
Hit Will Smith song from 1997’s “Men in Black” MENINBLACK
It charges for cleaning ROOMBA
Japanese export beginning in 1982 SENTRA
Land bordering 26-Across: Abbr. LEB
Language common to a profession CANT
Non-Jewish person, from the Yiddish GOY
Noted employer in Clermont, Ky. JIMBEAM
Notoriety ILLFAME
Number of stripes on la bandera de España TRES
Number one fans? EGOISTS
One member of TV’s “MythBusters” ADAMSAVAGE
One side in the British Parliament LABOUR
Pains in the you-know-what IMPS
Parent company of WhatsApp META
Pikachu’s cry in Pokemon PIKACHU
Punch something? RUM
Puppeteer Baird who performed for “The Sound of Music” BIL
Rock type EMO
Scientific name for the American bison BISONBISON
Send off EXUDE
Some auto accessories RIMS
Spanning multiple time zones VAST
Spiny-leaved plant in tropical and semitropical climates ALOE
Stop kidding yourself BEREAL
Subject of a Kehinde Wiley portrait in the National Portrait Gallery OBAMA
Symbol of forgetfulness in Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant” MIST
The “fact” that humans use only 10% of our brains, e.g. BADSCIENCE
They go from 540 to 1700, informally AMBANDS
They have lots to deal with REALTORS
Voyage preceder BON
What Terpsichore was the goddess of in Greek myth DANCE
When doubled, really like LIKE
Who cares if that happens LETIT
Widespread RIFE
Wilcox daughter in “Howards End” EVIE
Word that means the same thing even with several letters added? MAILBOX
Word with box or car CABLE


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