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Universal – Apr 1 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Como ___?” ESTA
“How gorgeous!” ITSABEAUTY
“Little Women” actress Watson EMMA
“The ___ have it” (“This bill passes”) AYES
“Time for me to bounce” IVEGOTTAGO
“We Are Never ___ Getting Back Together” (Taylor Swift classic) EVER
“You were right after all” ISTANDCORRECTED
As well ALSO
Attentive ALERT
Best of the best ELITE
Big Apple MLB squad, on scoreboards NYY
Big scuffle MELEE
Boggle and Scrabble, e.g GAMES
Cable channel hidden in “camcorder” AMC
Common lunchtime NOON
Consume EAT
Core belief TENET
Corp. with an eye on your TV? CBS
COVID safety wear MASK
Crunch time exercise? SITUP
Drug that’s dropped LSD
Email’s ancestor TELEGRAM
Fashion trend with average-looking clothing NORMCORE
Follower of a Pan-African religion RASTA
Gives permission to LETS
Gooey veggie OKRA
Greek B BETA
Hawaii’s “Garden Isle” KAUAI
Headed LED
Hell of a guy? SATAN
Hide-and-___ SEEK
Illuminated LIT
Lawyer’s charge FEE
Like a bright night sky STARLIT
Meeting, in slang SESH
Minimalist maxim LESSISMORE
Move like goo SEEP
Name that shares four letters with a synonym of mistake ERROL
Norwegian Academy of Music’s city OSLO
Not slack TAUT
Oboe accessory REED
Outstanding STELLAR
Pepper in traditional pico de gallo SERRANO
Poems you might write about a crush ODES
Pretentiously creative ARTY
Prominent feature of a male peacock TAIL
Quarterback Jackson LAMAR
Really regrets LAMENTS
Safe forever home for wildlife ANIMALSANCTUARY
Scot’s refusal NAE
Sheep sound BAA
Shot in the dark STAB
Small digit? PINKYTOE
Snatch NAB
Sour fruit in a caipirinha cocktail LIME
Sport similar to lawn bowling BOCCEBALL
Sportscaster Andrews ERIN
Spot for a stone facial SPA
Spot for cold cuts DELI
Stylishly smooth SLEEK
Tater ___ TOT
Thurman who’s the subject of a Fall Out Boy song UMA
Tree pose, e.g ASANA
Ukrainian journalist Rudenko OLGA
Vehicles for island-hopping SEAPLANES
Z’s point value in Scrabble TEN
___ Martin (luxury car) ASTON


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