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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,304 – May 19 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Abandon a person fighting SCRAPPER
Angry tyrant arranged to banish knight RATTY
Antipasto prepared at butcher’s BRUSCHETTA
Blue vehicle turning round yard NAVY
Brought up second of gripes with listeners present REARED
Check part of wineglass STEM
Condemned act involving second wrongdoing, being upset DEMONISED
Covers even concealing animal’s tail QUILTS
Discipline playing matches in set CHASTISEMENT
Drink salespeople knocked back outside posh establishment SPRITZER
Favour coarse fibre for Spooner’s military footwear JACKBOOT
Found singer in iTunes garbled INSTITUTE
Fusspot ignoring top puzzle TICKLER
Guide ready to go around city RECIPE
Headwear on player fitted with one electrical device CAPACITOR
History discontented altruistic nobleman ACCOUNT
Irritate pedants omitting odd letters EAT
Live with playwright penning pieces in right muddle BEWILDERMENT
Mafia boss about to host opponents was inquisitive NOSED
Maybe you proclaim to need no tips for clue PRONOUN
Money once abroad is put in vessel of religious order FRANCISCAN
More than one part aluminium SEVERAL
Praise deleting line that’s distasteful GORY
Queen’s mate in contact with spymaster TOM
Regularly snacked on tea break CHANCE
Rock idol, 20, trashed base DOLOMITE
Roughly tease head of tropical region CARIBBEAN
Seabirds like gathering in this country AUKS
Sensitive endlessly musing about son returning home THINSKINNED
Sound smart in conflict with a reputed prophet NOSTRADAMUS


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