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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,512 – Jan 17 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
Boiling innkeeper’s coat put away IRATE
Call off a finale from Wagner resembling The Ring ANNULAR
Characters opening teashop obtain yummy, sweet trifles TOYS
Co-operate with entertainment on stage and dance PLAYBALL
Cricket side cheers up over smooth style of playing LEGATO
Give people a hand with cases for departure and arrival DEAL
Group rowing in a newsroom after editing OARSWOMEN
Invalid, flipping unwell, unhappy to some extent NULL
Keen on country, in a manner of speaking INTONATION
Legal document settled a tiff David ultimately lost AFFIDAVIT
Like a seabird in the back of a ship ASTERN
Marx Brother wants nothing smart CHIC
Mexican food — it’s a shame to eat seconds up SALSA
Mischief-maker with the Spanish press IMPEL
Oddly, skill shown by star, one making chips? SILICON

Clues Answers
People who aren’t pro Republican in Team USA, curiously AMATEURS
Problem with poor fare, travelling to Milan and Turin MALNUTRITION
Quickly read covers of philosophy revealing a lot SKIMPY
Quiet helpers at Christmas making furniture SHELVES
Recruit this person, turning up with cunning plan EMPLOY
Ropes in fifty-one cats LIFELINES
Run a sham editorial, somewhat brazen UNASHAMED
Small vehicles with sweet, roast nuts TWOSEATERS
Support African country changing leader in political advertising PROPAGANDA
Turf extremists out of home in sinful city SODOM
Underwear I removed with diamonds hung around LINGERED
Unfortunately, true love’s not very steadfast RESOLUTE
Weekend nearly over? It’s very wet weather MONSOON
Where sisters live, housing that is new and uncomfortable INCONVENIENT
Wicked holiday home across the Atlantic with nothing in VILLAINOUS


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