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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,202 – Jan 17 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
A piece from Grieg or Bach evoking an instrumental figure GORBACHEV
A tad upset, chap goes in hard! ADAMANT
Angel wearing singlet, gold INVESTOR
Anticipate European politician popping into sandwich shop PREEMPT
Arab finds career in hospital SARACEN
Californian cops note my admitted impressive bit of speeding! LAPRECORD
Chat idly about voting system with former PM endlessly PRATTLE
Chilean ready to eat starter of tomato sauce PESTO
Christian designer, American, cut back an instant 26 POLAROID
City boss Yves discharged diary keeper PEPYS
Companion’s ‘Phwoar!’ occasionally in bed? COHORT
Complex theatre work? I’m only a GP getting trained! PYGMALION
Exile flying monoplane miles away NAPOLEON
Homesickness leaving Poles nagging pain OTALGIA
Initially called time leaving pub which is popular with potholers CAVERN
Invigorating bottled Tango VITAL
Clues Answers
Large malt with a twist guzzled? Not half! ILLSAY
Like a slug chewing the garlic? LETHARGIC
Like Scrooge when squiffy? TIGHT
Material transatlantic route shortened? NYLON
New in: falsely accused, papa must be daft to get fitted up with this DUNCESCAP
No ordinary Prime Minister, Johnson familiarly sent up in satire LAMPOON
Reginald and Evangeline briefly reviewed Iron Man, say AVENGER
Sawbones amputating leg that’s swelling SURGE
Seated with The Sun perhaps, taking in garden before end of day SEDENTARY
Sheepish sound, with one supporting the video ref intervening where Bayern play BAVARIA
Snap up hot organic wraps PHOTO
Sore swelling caused by poor Bill being shackled? CHILBLAIN
Spanish snack served up with heartless, haughty indifference APATHY
Taught here commonly spoken Spanish course TORTILLA
Total strop Trump’s thrown on a regular basis TOTUP
Vegetable soup of haricot and kale, cored ARTICHOKE


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