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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,530 – Feb 7 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
A 10 when eating escargot that’s tough ASHARDASNAILS
A second place is a plus ASSET
Backing crazy demand for material DAMASK
Bargains rejected must include cancelled by-products SPINOFFS
Burn church following endless derision SCORCH
Busy working even if drinking for example ONTHEGO
Chalet is planned to accommodate leader of team sport ATHLETICS
City abandoning cleaner strip UNDRESS
Container clue designed to cover a note CAPSULE
Fish lovers do upset me, ultimately DOVERSOLE
Game of cards may see skipper here! BRIDGE
Intolerable and badly done by, help team lacking millions BEYONDTHEPALE
Just by winning post UPRIGHT
Lovely crowd, and God-fearing — about time SCRUMPTIOUS

Clues Answers
Lycra’s hope to contain collapse CRASH
New branch of force facing initially serious riot OFFSHOOT
Popular view has answer for first of international’s attack INVASION
Promise to support father, keeping nothing and do without FORSWEAR
Quiet about unfashionable demise for resort SOUTHEND
Refuse to be seen here in refurbished C&A perhaps SCRAPHEAP
Relax grip on Liberal form of tenure LEASEHOLD
Second difficult piece SHARD
Shifting to centre, politicians clash CONTRETEMPS
Sort of English message bearer broadcast PIDGIN
Supply drug (crack) EQUIP
Support from mother during visit? MAINSTAY
Typical American university: all on vacation! USUAL
Zest left of oranges after sudden blow GUSTO


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