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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,214 – Feb 7 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
A pitch with American running back on: for this? SUPERBOWL
A record on air after release? Is group out of university playing hit SPIROGRAM
Another helping to wrap up old project EXTRAPOLATE
Bar hosting bash and bachelor party CLAMBAKE
Clear signal to go after victory VINDICATE
Company: was leader and main man moved on board? CASTLED
Convert fancy housing for dog, in retirement MODIFY
Dish that’s oddly priced PIE
Draws on pad first draughts FLATUSES
Earn millions before tax returns MERIT
Endless beer? Get round with soft drink ALCOPOP
Extremely low flower has greenfly? DEEPEST
Face deliveries by amateur OVERLAY
Field with good jumper, furlong to go LEA
Fight scene’s cut VIE
Finance partners invested in needy, supporting son SPONSOR

Clues Answers
Fishing line in stormy Eastern port PATERNOSTER
Fit dog chasing bird DOVETAIL
Flat season without maiden horse EVENTER
Leader finished with band that’s very entertaining SUPREMO
Maidservant struggles and takes note ANIMADVERTS
Make-up to entice, grabbing fellows on date TEMPERAMENT
Medicine can start to taste awful, stopping relief ANTACID
Mostly inspect floor for ring CANVAS
One in caravan approached lake CAMEL
Performer in topless bar, model to pose bent over ARTIST
Playboy magazine’s limits pushed in top cover without female ROMEO
Pleasing noises from Brussels; they’re not genuine EUPHONIES
Pressure to design and match outfit PLAYSUIT
Scales to go up: Yankee is heavy SLEEPY
Some local vendor to deliver new stock CALVE
Writer’s detailed writing POE


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