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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,957 – Nov 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Accommodation sounding dreadful? FLAT
Accurate reading misinterpreted then, tour crossing river TRUENORTH
Animal, monk with two heads? LLAMA
Back-pedalling, I turn into runner, say — smash! PULVERISE
Bathe in publicity? SPLASH
Caterer bakes flan, virtually liquid, food served in bowl BREAKFASTCEREAL
Considerable spruce TIDY
Drug in operation working without oxygen ATROPINE
Drug: figure popping one on bed NICOTINE
Greek character in the morning issue, read about GAMMA
Hunk’s hat is sweet GOBSTOPPER
Improve a lecture about male priest AMELIORATE
Oz city where drink is available when it’s boiling outside HOBART
Put phone down, no longer engaged? RINGOFF
Put up with song, north European HUNGARIAN
Reel cut up — oh dear! OOPS
Reportedly fine coach HANSOM
Saint feeding lowlife a Mexican dish TOSTADA
Scholarly cadet due for training EDUCATED
This person articulated key revelation EYEOPENER
Title singer Jack rejected BARONET
Tube blown when blood banks cool CLARINET
Unfamiliar milk tooth, possibly, came first NEWFANGLED
Unforeseen trouble with nutty brood? BANANASKIN
Upset, one shade seen when angry about king IRKED
Walk in Montmartre a delight TREAD
Wicked show MEAN
With a little money invested, go for the green stuff! PEASOUP
Youngsters in Berlin or closer to Nice? KINDER


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