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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,082 – Jun 21 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
A seedy bar in which that chap’s ingested glue ADHESIVE
Chief rang. IPA niffs somewhat … it’s got quite an odour FRANGIPANI
Clan boss caught robber moving tons by road to Edinburgh CHIEFTAIN
Compiler, a classist sort, sent up Japanese culture BONSAI
Eastern Madame initially regularly binned product that’s full of holes EMMENTAL
Emergency call Conservative bishop lodged that might end in tears SOBSTORY
Find Tories terribly cruel and despotic IRONFISTED
Five pound each, canned meat VEAL
Following dodgy salami, ultimately experience sickness MALAISE
Frail sacra I graze tackling large rock AILSACRAIG
God of peace? ODIN
Heads of all states in African continent ASIA
It might make soup thicker if you turn up gas ring SAGO
Joint King of France hid in bag left CIA angry SACROILIAC
Novelist/actor James perhaps retired, having sustained broken neck DICKENS
Outstanding amount of poise! BALANCE
Pan poster on Young Conservatives Association: ‘gutless’ BILLYCAN
Really weird kind of light fantastic! VERYODD
Rescue vessel capsizing on a hard rock in the Channel NOAHSARK
Selflessness of key game I’m hosting beginning on Saturday ALTRUISM
Serpent eating wild fowl that fell from the sky SNOWFLAKE
Shoot game husband corralled, showing enthusiasm GUNGHO
Small cat starts to attack colossal hairy bear STOMACH
Son held in prison that is importing North American petrol GASOLINE
Sweet mixture Arab fed to his bag carrier? CARAMEL
Tortuous anagram at first crushes the spirit ARMAGNAC
Tucked into Cagliari cottage cheese RICOTTA
What Bill Clinton didn’t do at home with hard drink? INHALE
With aluminium taps, yours truly’s saving energy for pseudo-science ALCHEMY
Worker, having contracted mad cow disease, is on leave ABSENT


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