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The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 9431 January 19 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
Board plus pawns, knights, rooks etc chess set
Crossword compiler SETTER
Diamond anniversary SIXTIETH
Embrace HUG
Evaluate, rate ASSESS
Excessively strain (oneself) OVEREXERT
From Valletta, eg MALTESE
Hoarse HUSKY
Horrifying FRIGHTFUL
Leg of lamb or mutton GIGOT
Liquid-conveying tube (I, not Y) SIPHON
Loiter in the shadows LURK
Make a mistake ERR
Clues Answers
Minor waterway STREAM
Of a point of concentration FOCAL
Personal outlook on life PHILOSOPHY
Piece of advice POINTER
Powerful MIGHTY
Pugilist BOXER
Self-satisfied SMUG
Sheepskin coat AFGHAN
Skirt around, avoid BYPASS
Substance enhancing soil productivity FERTILISER
Sweet, twee CUTE
Vitality, vigour ENERGY
Wooden shoe CLOG


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