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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2576 January 19 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
A couple allowed a bit of bling BRACELET
Apparently last, as it turns out after all
Be able to buy a fine car AFFORD
Being drunk, note, is a tricky situation tight spot
County girl with a baby at last GALWAY
Detective’s clothes are so simple PLAIN
Fairly regularly holding the helm for gunners ARTILLERY
Firm line shows way through mountains COL
I run into head buccaneer PIRATE
In cold capital cross the most exciting part CLIMAX
It’s fitting in the bathroom to offer extra time BIDET
Knight, a bit dodgy, giving off bad smell NIFFY
Less colourful pair drinking beer PALER
Clues Answers
Long to see river in grotto CRAVE
Lute I’d played in the old festive period YULETIDE
New king had — to be this? CROWNED
One on the board at church: not her, we’re told HYMN
Pet sent back small drink PUSS
Place in sequence for a Charlie CHAPLIN
Plagued — by a piece of it? AGUE
Put into place a quiet fielding position APPOINT
Quickly produce winning blow KNOCKOUT
Reportedly remained sober STAID
Republican slogan maybe is mad BARKING
Select the best tool PICK
Strange old large cup ODD


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