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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28817 January 19 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
A place for firm assumptions PREMISES
Accompanying opening line — or after it? RANDY
All available money and permits for people on the move MIGRANTS
Awfully like crab, is not laidback ultimately — but this? IRASCIBLE
Being tight-lipped, in case of some battle SECRECY
Caution, twenty-four hours after promotion? Rather! ADMONISH
Coloured garments drew approval tie-dyes
Concerning time before finding local official once REEVE
Dependency mostly on a friend in the City abu dhabi
Disgusted at welcome that’s got extended to sides LOATHING
Eastern ruler said to flourish SHEIKH
Flight affected by winds? spiral staircase
Following exploit, managed uneventful journey milk run
French artist, dispensing with frame, struck gold WATTEAU
Got up? I’m obliged to do that, weary ATTIRED
Clues Answers
Long run wrongly associated with Canadian waterway grand union canal
One using free ticket passed on by teacher DEADHEAD
Our team has possibly picked up web design WEAVE
Part of theatre finale that’s particularly welcome GODSEND
Rat briefly stopping near fish STINGRAY
Relative, sprightly, heading off AUNTY
Reserve weapon carried by English vessel EARMARK
River has periodically recalled ferry? If only! LOIRE
Rope that’s not long now twisted with energy NOOSE
Spotted meat for lunch, the healthier sort? UNCLEAN
Taking forever to cross street might be this? On the contrary! SAGEST
The smallest number needed liquor — umpteen bottles QUORUM
Thus tennis player should focus, like a pro? on the game
Travelling rep due’s broken down PUREED
What can be bittersweet: having nothing left with lots to go round? MOLASSES


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