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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28448 November 15 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28448

Clues Answers
A much-loved rogue journalist executed PERPETRATED
Assess age of fruit DATE
Buddhist’s heading for one to pray BEG
Clothes, left out for Adelaide’s friend COBBER
Condemned in a second, as was Jeanne d’Arc CANONISED
Constrained style of book, long dull volume with Gaelic appendix blank verse
Convoluted message backing Communist blocks MEANDERING
Cross US conflict zone returning from island MANX
Daily robbery? THEFT
Fine blade was first to pierce further TOLEDO
Frantic detectives directed across river DISTRAUGHT
Go off tripe ROT
Honour a rebel leader admitting heightened depression ACCOLADE
Individual emulates retiring judge SEPARATE
Just less than a shilling to look after? TEND
Lady’s formal greeting reflected EVA
Clues Answers
Mild avarice troubled leader in service vice admiral
Mineral box SPAR
One who wrote poetry from a university hideaway AUDEN
Only half of stores getting prompt delivery RESCUE
Play shot with cue — it features down under EUCALYPTI
Promise son to be in SWEAR
Propose carrying Times article, subject to official charges TAXABLE
Right method introduced to smother rodent DORMOUSE
Runs remote IT equipment ROUTER
See nothing out of place in examiner soothing singer CROONER
Slightly overestimate assembly ROUNDUP
Strategy for playing softly in percussion group game plan
Upheaval due to stated limit on fossil fuel TURMOIL
Virtual realm PC creates by expressing time irregularly CYBERSPACE
Where Plato met commander gathering troops? AGORA


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