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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28640 June 27 2023 Crossword

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28640
Clues Answers
Aggression from Uncle Dicky breaking peace TRUCULENCE
At night, unlit street’s bordering French city STARLESS
Athlete’s manager, perhaps RUNNER
Briefly showing the money one gets for a quantity of gas air-intake
Caught criminal curious about computing, not going straight CIRCUITOUS
Ceremony is incorporated into plan by Brussels EUCHARIST
Dreamy, liberal article good for The Scotsman LANGUID
E.g. daily fun for kids, turning on The Phantom Menace? paper tiger
Editing frames of video, Aleutian offers judgment EVALUATION
European in area south of Nairobi’s outskirts poking pig SLOVENIAN
For Louis I, I’m not sure this shows contempt JEER
Games in bingo houses where bad players end up sin bin
Hampers are unopened, firm and small RESTRICTS
Hopes to some extent placed in The Times succeeded WISHES
Lady, one potentially a queen, we’re told BEA
Like food which can be warmed up near Bow Bells EATABLE
Mounties, say, arresting ace thieves RAIDERS
Once again, came to run a PC without energy REAWOKE
One old coat for Sophie, tattered? This needs tying up loose end
Party time! Partying hard, bit woozy ultimately BIRTHDAY
Port thus knocked back by nurse OSTEND
Printer associates during lockdown with flier bubble-jet
Report from south London, say, sent over NEWS
Shake and reportedly smash type of fern rock brake
Someone who flogs whiskey needing cooler WHIPPER
Support graduate with brilliance at Harvard, say BALUSTER
Time engineers put into different film-making location ELSTREE
White wine you once overturned? This may be on ice HOCKEY
Work about empty environment __ lines in e.g. Betjeman’s Slough POETRY
Writer and broadcaster, one putting out a book BBC


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